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Optimef Fărăzece [BLACK] black leather

650.00 lei

Fărăzece is the first OPTIMEF model. Both its design and name are inspired by the way we Romanians read time. Fărăzece means ‘ten minutes to’, and it is reference to how we say five minutes to / ten minutes to / fifteen minutes to a certain hour, in other words, a natural way in which we relate to the passing of time. This detail triggered the idea of shifting from the conventional display to a new and original distribution of the markers on the dial. Furthermore, the symmetry around the 0-30 axis is a good conversation starter.

The classic look is translated into contemporaneity through simple lines and the latest materials available. We innovate, but we keep the retro design elements specific for the brand. The message and the vision remain untouched, but the experience it offers is something new.

  • Leather strap [whoa, so classy]
  • 40mm diameter dial [mmm, just right]
  • Miyota Japanese quartz movement [Arigatou!]
  • Hardened mineral crystal [uuu, shiny]
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